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A little bit about me

Finishing school like many others i wasn’t sure what exactly i wanted to do. Being particularly bright I was often pushed into fields that although garnered a great salary – weren’t that creative and that’s were i really wanted to be. It was when i found cinema and the art of the moving image that i found my passion. I wanted to learn everything their was to know about cinematography and the image i could find. I finished my degree in Arts majoring in cinema and then went on to Film school. After completing film school i worked on many different productions including corporate, TVC’s and travelled the world doing travel video’s. It was when i came back that i fell into doing films and television productions. However it was doing wedding films on the side that i realised just how fulfilling doing wedding films to an excellent standard really is rewarding. especially the reactions of the couples who view it for the first time. And since then i have committed myself to making them better with each and every wedding film i produce.

Why I love what I do

I absolutely love creating stunning images whether they are cinema or still images. Pushing the envelope with each new vision and capturing stunning imagery that can be awe inspiring. That is why i still continue to do artistic works like landscape and nighttime studies in photography and timelapse.

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