A little bit about me

I have always been interested in photography even from a young age at school. There was always something about capturing the image they drew me it and i always preferred to be behind the camera than in front of it. However, i never thought that i could make a living from it. Nurturing my creative side i went into hairdressing and from there into legal which was quite a jump, but i loved helping people, yet i yearned to be more creative and seeing weddings when a couple experience one of their best times of their lives. I threw caution to the wind and decided that i should use my talents to capture their special moments that can be shared for future generations.

Why I love what I do

I have an absolute passion for capturing the moment, sometimes they are fleeting and aren’t fully recognised at the time, but a snap shot of 2 people looking into each others eyes tells a story worth more than words and that is what i always aim for when with my photography.

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