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Real Wedding | Sam & Shane | Mt Martha

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Sam and Shane had been together for some time before wanting to tie the knot. They had renovated a house they were living in and Shane had a thriving business in fixing motorbikes and mechanical that Sam worked in from time to time.

So when it came to getting married, they both wanted something simple with family and a small group of friends. They opted to have their ceremony in the beautiful grounds of Karrawingi Park in Moorooduc where they have an assortment of scenery from lakes to early settler cottages. The reception was to be held at Sam’s parents home in Mt Martha where they had a marquee and a two piece band guitar and Cajon (hand drumming box).

Sam and Shanes wedding was a done a little differently with family photo’s and prep photo’s taking place together where they were getting ready at their newly renovated home at Crib Point.

From there everyone made their way to Karrawingi Park for the lovely ceremony in front of the gazebo overlooking the lake. Sam was walked down the aisle by her grandfather and stepfather together and she looked absolutely stunning.

Afterwards, we were able to roam the grounds and take many different candid shots of the couple taking advantage of the picturesque grounds that Karrawingi had to offer. As you can see below.

After the fun of location shooting had ended and the sun began to die down, it was time to party at the reception in Mt Martha. Although this wasn’t a reception venue, you could be forgiven for thinking a little otherwise as the decorations and preparation in making the house look so good was really apparent and definitely set the mood for what was going to be a magnificent night.

With a combination of live music to mellow tunes with the duo previously mentioned to pumping out “get down” tunes over the stereo. It really was not only a well catered affair with food and canapes in abundance, but just a damn lot of fun.

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Real Wedding | Rachel & Simon | Merricks

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Rachel and Simon really wanted a cozy Mornington Peninsula wedding where they spend most of their free time from their professional lives with friends and family. Having family at a Balnarring farm, they loved spending time together in the cozy wooded scapes near the beach of Western Port Bay.

Rachel was set on using local suppliers and venues for her special day and loved the feel that “The Merricks General Store” had and so they both knew that that was where they would have their reception. However, Rachel really wanted a grand Church ceremony and was lucky enough to be able to book a nearby church at Cerberus St Marks Chapel. Other locals suppliers included Jiva Workshop for video as well as the talented Tanya Fry for photography.

Starting at their picturesque family farm in Balnarring, where she was getting ready. Rachel had chosen a magnificent Vera Wang dress that really stunned.

Whilst Simon had chosen to get ready at a nearby lodge. Rachel prepared to make her entrance at the magnificent church at Cerberus. Rachel was preceded by her nieces and nephews before the doors flew open to reveal Rachel looking absolutely stunning.

It was a formal ceremony and afterwards we went on location to Rachel’s family farm and surrounds to get images of the rustic surrounds that the farm had to offer including some great wooded areas and manicured gardens.

Rachel & Simon’s Wedding Highlights from Jiva Workshop on Vimeo.


Then it was off to the party at The Merricks General Store whereby their guests enjoyed a three course meal followed by some hilarious speeches until it was time to hit the dancefloor.

With the DJ spinning some popular tracks from the 80’s and 90’s everyone enjoyed having a boogie and even the kids joined in. By the end of the night i am sure that everyone had had a great time.

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Real Wedding | Michelle and Paul | Balnarring

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Michelle and Paul are your typical loved up couple. They met whilst crossing paths in their professional careers in concrete and the rest was history. They started a business together and bought the home so it was logical to take the next step and get married knowing they had built a solid loving partnership together.

Michelle was intent on having a country rustic wedding set on the Mornington Peninsula. She spent months sourcing just the right jars, candles as well as all the little knick knacks that would add to the main event in every little detail.

For the venue Michelle and Paul found “The Heritage” located in Balnarring which had everything that they wanted out of a wedding venue. The magnificent gardens that are located at the back of the pub was perfect for their gathering of friends and family to witness them both say their vows. The main hall area was everything they wanted in a country rustic wedding.

The ceremony was intimate and friendly under one of the large oak trees in the Heritage Gardens gathered with friends and relatives. Afterwards the bridal party all hopped into a VW mini van and made their way to Tussie Mussie Vineyard Lodge, set amongst the hills and rolling grape vines we got some fantastic imagery.

After getting what we came for, we all went back to the Heritage where Michelle and Paul’s guests were waiting to get the party started. Michelle and Paul opted to have a band play live for their guests as they danced and sang to all the popular songs they both liked and added to the feel of a country wedding with live music. 

Michelle&Paul Wedding Highlights Merricks from Jiva Workshop on Vimeo.

It was one hell of a party and by the end of the night there was quite a few people that will remember that it was all such a magnificent night and also a few who wouldn’t remember but that it was evidence they had such a good time.


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Real Wedding | Lesley & Tate | Mornington

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Lesley & Tate after already starting their family with a couple of young ones finally decided that they wanted to actually tie the knot. What was most important to them was that they wanted a family orientated wedding that included not just their own children but their guests as well.

They settled on a venue in Benitos in Mornington, a beautiful little restaurant and bar that sits on a rather large property with room to move. Opting for convenience, Leslie and Tate wanted to keep things simple and decided to have the ceremony in the small Garden altar at the back of the restaurant as well as the reception.

The Ceremony

The Ceremony was beautiful with both their children playing important roles on the day as page boy and flower girl – walking mum down the aisle. It also made for some funny moments during the ceremony when children just wanted to be children. However, i’m sure Leslie and Tate wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

The Location Shoot

After the ceremony, we all headed down to the front beach in Mornington to take advantage of the beach scenes nearby. As we were making our way down to the beach we happened to find ourselves in the middle of a football training session with some forty odd young blokes braving the cold waters of Port Phillip Bay.

They were all good sports as it happens and didn’t interrupt the photo / video session with myself and Dani as their photographer.

After the photo session we all returned to see the party that was taking place in the restaurant and bar where Leslie and Tate had organised a large jumping castle to accommodate all the kids, something of which i had not seen before. As the adults mingled with kids running back and forth to the jumping castle, it was soon time for the speeches.

Lesley & Tate Wedding Highlights – Mornington – Jiva Workshop from Jiva Workshop on Vimeo.

They were really touching especially both Leslie and Tate’s dedications to each other.

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Real Wedding | Jane & Alec | Red Hill

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Jane & Alec came to us from seeing some of our work and wanted us to capture their special day that was taking place in and around Red Hill, Mornington Peninsula and Flinders.

Jane had a particular style she was going for when she planned her wedding day which was simple rustic. Everything from the small country church situated in Flinders to the massive landscapes of Red Hill Estate overlooking Western Port Bay.

The rolling hillside of Red Hill Estate made for a picturesque scene where Jane was getting ready with her sister and mother before the big day. Sipping chardonnay and red wine from the cellar door whilst getting ready and laughing at what the day had to unfold.

Understated Alec on the other hand chose to get ready at his best man’s accommodation about 10 minutes from Jane. A nice little country cottage to ease into before saying his vows to Jane.

St Johns church in Flinders is a quaint little church perfect for small weddings that add that extra atmosphere of a small country wedding. With stunning lead light windows and accompanied by live violin, it really did set the tone for the whole day.

After the vows were said and done and the bells chimed to signal that the bride and groom had left the building. We ventured down to Shoreham foreshore where the wooded hills that overlook Western Port Bay made for some stunning imagery with the newly married couple.

Exploring the wooded trees and grassland which overlooked the scenic Bay on a warm sunny day made for some stunning photography and video of the couple and after having spent time there i am sure i will come back.

Jane & Alec Wedding Highlights – Red Hill from Jiva Workshop on Vimeo.

The next stop was the reception at the beautiful Red Hill Estate overlooking the bay. The reception was quaint but lovely and it was hard not to be in awe of the scenery that envelopes Red Hill Estate.


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Real Wedding | Brett & Lizzie | Ranelagh Mt Eliza

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Brett & Lizzie were teenage love birds that first found each other through mutual friends. Having seen each other around the traps on the Mornington Peninsula at the many different night spots they finally hooked up and the rest was history.

Now when it came to them making the next step and getting married both Lizzie and Brett fell in love with the picturesque shoreline of The Ranelagh Club in Mt Eliza.

The Ranelagh Club in Mt Eliza is situated overlooking the Port Phillip Bay and boasts scenic views of the beach and shoreline that during the summer months offers fantastic sunsets.

The day started at Brett’s house with the boys having a few drinks whilst they got ready for the big day, whilst Lizzie got ready with her bridesmaids at her mother’s house with her beloved dog looking on in admiration.

When it came time to leave for the venue Lizzies parents gathered together with Lizzie to wish her all the best and choke back tears.

The ceremony was simple and sweet on the balcony of Ranelagh overlooking the ocean whilst the tall ships sailed by into Melbourne via Port Phillip Bay.

Lizzie & Brett Wedding Highlights from Jiva Workshop on Vimeo.

Afterwards we got some absolutely beautiful visions thanks to nature giving us a wonderful sunset as can be seen in the video below and the photo’s. This meant that we had what they call “Magic Hour”. “Magic Hour” happens twice per day where the light is absolutely vibrant and makes for photo’s and video that are truly stunning.

The scenes in around Ranelagh with the beach boxes and small bushy fauna meant that we were able to get a variety of scenes from the one location.

Congratulations Lizzie & Brett

Real Wedding | Sam & Bianca | Yarra Valley

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Sam and Bianca had been together for over ten years and so when Sam finally popped the question, it was met with a resounding “About Time” from all their family and friends.
Being a very driven couple, Sam and Bianca were determined to have a low key affair with only their closest friends and family at Cattle Creek Winery situated in the rolling hills of Yarra Valley.

Group Photo

Group Photo

They both decided to use the facilities there of the cottages and rooms to get ready and stay the night, and eventually say their vows under the large pergola in view of the sunset of the green hills and lake in the background.

Vineyard Photo

Vineyard Photo

Later after taking location photo’s in the picturesque location of the lake and vineyard. They made their entrance into the reception where the festivities began. After the speeches and meals had been consumed it was time to take to the dance floor where Bianca and her father shared a dance whilst finally passing her over to Sam in a emotional moment that the guests all pulled out their phones and camera’s to capture.

From there the dance floor was open to all the guests to dance and frolic to the 2 piece band that were singing and playing popular tunes. The night culminated in frivolity and fun as the happy couple were sent of with a farewell circle whilst the guests continued to dance for some time before they themselves made their exit.

I had allot of fun filming this wedding, having gotten to know Sam and Bianca over the period they were allot of fun and were happy to accommodate any fun ideas we had whilst shooting. Thank You again for letting me capture your day and for letting me briefly into your lives and see a glimpse of what you both share together.

Bianca & Sam Wedding Highlights from Jiva Workshop on Vimeo.



Real Wedding – Check Out This Funny Reception Wedding Video We did – Kelly & Ash

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We were contacted by Kelly who had this wonderful idea of doing a pre-reception video inspired by some of the video’s she had seen on Youtube.

Although i hadn’t done anything like this before for a wedding a couple and i had concerns over some of their idea’s. I had done similar things in film school which led me to believe that this is something that i could do and it would be fun.

After hearing her and Ash’s idea’s I decided to get behind it and produce a short film that would be played at the reception for laughs as their guests waited for them to make their grand entrance.

So, I got to work writing the script and after a few changes we finally had something to work with. Shot over 3 weekends and edited as quickly as i could, this is the final product.

Check it out

Real Wedding – Mark & Zoe

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Zoe and Mark first contacted Jiva Workshop to capture the young sweet hearts nuptials so they can remember their day when they were young

and in love and had the world at their feet.

After some consideration they opted to go with the Gold package to capture more of the important elements of the day without eating to far into their budget.

The ceremony was beautiful and took place down overlooking the beach at Mt Eliza and the elements of the day worked so well against the backdrop of a sunset on the beach.

Upon viewing the finished DVD, Mark and Zoe were amazed at the video and were so thankful that i was able to capture more than what they were hoping for.

“I wasn’t sure about this whole video thing, however after seeing it and remembering back on the day you’ve given us so much more than just a DVD. You’ve given us a memory that can be passed on to generations to come” – Mark.

I’m so glad i was able to help you and Zoe and i’m glad it will be an everlasting memoir of one of the happiest days of your life

Congratulations Mark and Thankyou.

Zoe & Mark Beach

Real Wedding – Aaron & Belinda

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Belinda & Aaron Kiss

Aaron and Belinda approached Jiva Workshop to capture their special day from a recommendation from a friend

Their wedding plans were a while in the making as they had hired Mauro from Dezine to capture the photography of their day

and wanted a dvd that could capture the special moments that they had spent months planning.

Aaron and Belinda looked amazing on the day, with a full Catholic service at a beautiful Catholic church in the city of Melbourne

With the ceremony done and dusted we ventured into many locations including a rustic italian setting outside a cafe, Port Melbourne beach pier as well as a quick stop on the way to the reception at a winery.

The reception was extravagant as the the rest of the day had been with platters of seafood and tapas

Aaron and Belinda were wonderful to work for and loved displaying their obvious affection for each other.

Upon delivery of the dvd the couple were surprised by the results


“I can’t believe how good the dvd turned out, you’ve done an amazing job and you’ve give us something that is worth more than the cost”

As always it’s always great to hear such praises of your work.

Thanks Aaron & Belinda.