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Top reasons to have your wedding day filmed

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Your wedding is going to be one of the most memorable moments in your life. It marks the first day that you begin your new life with your loved one. A wedding is a strong commitment that will bond you for the remainder of your life and hence it is certainly not a day to take lightly and a day you should record properly in order to remember and to relive it properly.

There are several advantages recording the day that you get wed. The most obvious one being that you can easily relive the day and it would help remind you of what you felt when you were getting married. Doing something like this has actually saved several marriages from the brink of divorce.

Getting a friend of yours to act as your wedding videographer may not actually be a good idea, unless of course you happen to be friends with a professional. It would be better to leave something as important as this to those who know exactly how to handle it. You need to find professionals who are experienced at this sort of thing.

The reasons why you cannot leave it at the hands of an amateur are simple; you do not want them to foul it up. It is quite a challenge to catch the raw emotion that is felt on that day. You have to know exactly what to look out for and when to take a shot of it. You must know the signs or symptoms of a very good shot and how to get the perfect angle for it. A wedding videographer service knows exactly how weddings go about and are quite good at catching all the emotions that are felt on that day.

Reliving your wedding day would be all the more beautiful if it was recorded properly. There will be many key moments that will be put on video and nothing important left out. The problem is that there are several different wedding videographer services all around the place. Something like your wedding shouldn’t be put to the mercy of chance and it is highly advisable that you go with a group with a very good reputation.

One such group would be the Jiva Workshop. They are well versed in all sorts of video production and offer many services on the topic of Videography. They are filled with passionate and experienced people who put quality above all else and make it their goal to surpass the expectations of their customers.

You can learn more about Jiva Workshop and their services on You will be to learn about how they conduct their business and what puts them above the competition. They make it a point to understand their client’s needs and will work with the idea of their clients. They pride themselves in utilizing only the finest and most up to date equipment along with operators with years of professional experience. Choosing Jiva Workshop as your wedding videographer will certainly capture your wedding day the way you would want to remember it.

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You, Your Wedding Day, and The Story As Told By The Videographer

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Your wedding day is probably the most special day that you and your future spouse-to-be will have as a couple, and it is a must that you capture every single moment of it so that you can always look back on those memories. A professional videographer is someone who will be able to cover everything that happens on your wedding day and make the beauty of the moment shine through. The problem with relying on home video cameras is that you do not get the quality and the drama that you would if you were to hire someone who knows what they are actually doing.

One of the biggest differences that you will see when hiring a professional videographer for your wedding is the kind of equipment that is being used. Even if it would be feasible for you to rent this kind of equipment, the difference is that a professional videographer would know how to use them.

Aside from the cameras that are used, the lighting is also essential. In the past, the lights that were being used by a videographer were harsh and so ruined the romantic mood of the evening. Today, there have been advancements that allow the video use the right spectrum of light for stunning results.

Another huge advantage to hiring a professional videographer is that you and the rest of your guests can just relax and enjoy the festivities. The wedding day is a day not just for the bride and the groom, but also for their family and friends to be able to celebrate their union with them.

And last but not the least, one of the other reasons that you should hire a videographer is the fact that they have the capability to tell stories. They do it for a living, after all. There is a difference between capturing the moment on film or video, and actually being able to re-tell the story of the day. A professional videographer will be able to tell your story for you through the pictures that he or she will capture during that day.

Jiva Workshop is a professional company that makes all sorts of videos for people who need high quality work. Hiring Jiva Workshop means that you trust your special day with people who know what they are doing, are experts on the field, have had a lot of experience, and are capable and want to tell your story for you through the footage that they will capture on your special day. Let Jiva Workshop give you the peace of mind that you deserve on your wedding day.

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Prevent a disaster – things to consider when hiring a wedding videographer

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Have you decided to hire a videographer for your special day? Congratulations! You have made what is possibly one of the best decisions you could for improving your wedding. There are many different benefits to hiring a professional to take care of the capturing of your wedding day via video, benefits like better equipment, better lighting, and achieving a movie-like quality for the final product. So rather than having to watch shaky footage of two tiny people up at the pulpit with hardly audible sound, you can get a beautiful video of your day set to the perfect musical soundtrack.

But before you get ahead of yourself, you need to make sure that you get a videographer who can actually meet all your standards. There are a lot of companies that make it a point to let people know what their experience is exactly, and that is what you need to look out for. A bunch of kids who have expensive video cameras and have had experience videotaping each other skateboarding are not exactly going to make very good videographers.

First of all, you need to look at the equipment that will be offered by the potential wedding videographer. There must be at least two video cameras being used, and there must be at least two standing lights and one portable light for when people are moving about. These lights are called either blondies or redheads, depending on the tone of the light that you wish to have in your film.

Second, you need to look at all the past work that the videographer has done. It’s true that you can’t judge a book by its cover but you can certainly judge a videographer by the quality of his or her work on past weddings. If you like the style, then you should go ahead and hire him, but be open if you have some questions about whether or not they can do other things, things that will suit you more. If the videographer is truly capable of doing the job, they will be able to adapt and cater to your taste. If you can’t see eye to eye with a potential video package, then walk away. This is your special day, after all, and everything you and your future spouse want must be reflected in the video as well.

If you have hired a wedding planner and they have already made it a point to include a wedding videographer in one of their packages, make sure to look at their past work as well. If you feel that they do not offer the quality that you want, do not be afraid to politely decline the services and look for one on your own. An example of a superior company and access to all the best videographers in the business is the Jiva Workshop. Through the Jiva Workshop, you get quality, professionalism as well as the wedding video of your dreams.

Last but certainly not least, you need to see the commitment of the videographer to the project. The best kinds of wedding videos are those that are made with emotion, not merely coldly capturing footage on the camera. The videographer must be committed to you, your wedding, and to being there through the rehearsals, behind the scenes, and during the most important part of all: the I Do.

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Wedding Video Production: Choosing a Reliable Wedding Videographer

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Professional videographers can make or break an entire wedding video production. Without them, you will not capture all the action and spontaneous events in your wedding. A well-produced video can give you a complete and everlasting visual memory of how you made your wedding vows to the only person you truly love and cherish.

If you want your wedding to become more than just a fleeting moment, you have to look for a videographer who can turn those moments into eternal memories. Once you have chosen a production team that understands the important elements of wedding videos, you can make your wedding day more special than it already is.

Here are some of the most important qualities that you must look for in a reliable wedding video production team.

Experience and previous performance

Before hiring other people to cover your wedding, you must learn more about their experience in the industry. Ask for demo tapes, portfolios, and all their previous work. Learn more about their style by carefully observing all the videos they were able to produce.

If ever they do not want to show you their demo tapes for privacy or other dubious reasons, think twice before hiring them. Their lack of enthusiasm in showing off their previous work can be a telltale sign of their incompetence in the field of producing exclusive wedding videos.

Take your time while watching their demo tapes and browsing through their portfolios. This is the only way to find out whether they really know how to cover events well instead of merely taking some good shots here and there. However, always remember that it is normal to stumble upon minor errors while watching a long wedding video production.

Unique production style

Exceptional wedding videographers are known for their unique style in producing wedding videos. However, not all styles can meet your particular preferences and expectations. Look for those who are using particular styles that you are most comfortable with.

Reality-TV styles will capture every spontaneous and interesting event in your wedding day. On the other hand, wedding videos that resemble documentaries with interviews and voice-overs are also good choices. However, if you want your wedding video to look as professional as it can be, look for a production team that can handle cinematic coverage styles.

Excellent communication skills

Competent wedding video production teams also take pride in their capability to communicate well with their clients. They will listen to your ideas and turn them into reality. They can smoothly communicate with their team members in order to make sure that the product of their hard work is far from being mediocre. Finally, they can effortlessly work with wedding guests and other professionals attending your wedding in order to produce a flawless and well-written wedding video.

Jiva Workshop works beyond your expectations

Jiva Workshop’s production team possesses all these characteristics. They promise to collaboratively work with you while offering creative directions for the project at the same time. Their extensive experience in delivering captivating feature films, corporate videos, and wedding coverage makes them one of the leading companies in the industry of producing professional videos.

Important Tips on Choosing a Wedding Videographer

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Surprisingly enough, hiring a wedding videographer is not high up on people’s list of important items in the wedding planning process. This is because in the past, wedding videography was not artfully produced. Today, the concept that wedding videos take after is to make the wedding into a feature style motion picture that will portray the wedding as the magical day that it actually was. This needs a touch of style and art that calls for far more than just videotaping the things that are happening under a harsh, bright yellow light.

But in hiring the right kind of wedding videographer, there are still some things that you need to ask in order to get a feel for the company and/or the individual that you will be working with. An example of such a concern is the type of equipment that they will be using in documenting the special day. If you are the type of person who does not really have any basis for comparison on this, then you can always bring along someone who knows all about it on the interview. Make sure that they have the right quantity as well as quality, meaning there must be at least two cameras, five lapel microphones, as well as ample lighting equipment.

Another concern is that of the past experiences of the wedding videographer. Make sure to ask for examples of past work, and see if you like their style of filmmaking. If it is not to your liking, ask if they can adjust it. If there is no room for adjustment, then you can always look someplace else for a video company that can cater to your needs.

Price is a great concern amongst people, especially for couples that are trying to save money even while planning a wedding. If you wish, you can opt for a more modest set up during the day itself. Less equipment means fewer people, which means fewer payments to be made as well. Although, it is possible that you will find a wedding videographer that may not be as experienced, but has great style and matches to your liking, so do not lose heart and keep on looking.

Most people like to visit official lists on the Internet as a resource for finding a wedding videographer, but a better way to find one that you will like may be something as simple as asking your friends, family and other trusted individuals if they have anyone that they could recommend. Chances are, if the videographer stood out enough to be remembered even 10 years after the wedding day, then that person will probably be able to give you what you want as well.

And last but not the least, look for a wedding videographer that can present to you a same-day edit. This is a new thing amongst wedding videographers, where small portion of the footage of the day will be edited and shown that very same day. As you can imagine, this is quite a challenge, but a real excellent wedding videographer will rise up to the challenge.

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Choosing a professional wedding videographer

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Getting married is a big decision to make and it requires a great amount of thought and commitment and planning. To many people, it is the most important day of their lives and it certainly is something that should not be taken for granted. Most brides spend a good portion of their time preparing their wedding, addressing each and every minute detail that they can think of.

The aforementioned factor is just one of many good reasons why you should plan your video for wedding. Wedding videos are becoming very popular nowadays and are the perfect method of recording your special day. People have always wanted to record their special days and memories in order to be able to remember and relive them with more clarity.

Getting a video for wedding is quite a smart investment. You only get married once, if you are lucky, and you have all the reasons in the world to want it to be recorded. Consider all the work that you and your spouse will have to go through to prepare for that special day. You would certainly want it to be properly preserved in the form of video.

Getting the proper video for wedding, however, is no simple matter. You cannot simply ask a friend of yours to do it for you as they will not know what to look out for neither will they have proper equipment to capture it properly. It would be much better to look for professionals to do it for you as they have more experience in the matter and will be able to capture that day better than an amateur can.

An amateur will not know what to look out for or what kind of shots they should get. A proper video for wedding professional will be able to catch all the important moments and will be able to present it in a professional and presentable manner.  Another thing that a good video for wedding professional will be able to do is to edit and polish the video to make the video even more beautiful.

Finding the right professionals to capture your video for wedding will not be easy though. There are several of them to choose from and not all of them are what you can consider to be worth the money. Jiva Shop recruits highly-experienced professionals who will surpass your expectations and deliver everything that you are looking for.

Your wedding will be one of the biggest occasions of your life. Getting a video recording of it should be become a valuable and treasured asset that you will hold dear to yourself for the rest of your life. It will help you remember what you felt on that day and just how happy you had been on that day. Something of this magnitude deserves to be recorded properly so let the professionals at Jiva Shop offer you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Memory Plays a Part: Reasons Why Having Your Wedding Day Filmed is Essential

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White wine, confetti, wedding cakes, and that lingering first kiss in the altar, your wedding will never happen twice. Memory is beautiful, and sometimes, remembering is the only thing we need to bring back a long lost spark. Thankfully, in this modern age, we have media to help us remember. Pictures and videos serve as an extension of our memory, and it has already become a very integral part of a family. Memory plays a huge part in every wedding, which is why it is very necessary to hire your own wedding videographer to document the little gems of moments during your very momentous occasion. Your wedding is something that you would want to remember and treasure for a lifetime. With a wedding videographer capturing your video wedding, never let it pass.

A wedding is like a heartfelt story. Behind the scenes, and between the bride and the groom, it is a rollercoaster of emotions. The plot ascends as the bride and the groom apprehensively ready themselves in their own separate rooms. A wedding videographer can capture these little moments when the bride’s mother gives her daughter a teary eyed kiss on the cheek, or when the groom’s father gives his son some golden words of encouragement before finally setting him free. Immortalize the climax of a wedding on video and capture the groom eagerly awaiting his soon to be wife near the pulpit, and paint a moving portrait of the bride gracefully ascending the aisle in all her regal beauty. You can capture all of these in a video wedding, and all you need is a good wedding videographer.

A good wedding videographer can capture the moments in your wedding that you weren’t aware of, little candid moments of the guests waiting at the pews excitedly or a perfect shot of your kiss. When professional videographers practice unobtrusive filming, they hide in the background to record what is happening. There will always be details that you won’t remember happening, or you did not even know happened. Good videographers can capture all these finer details and turn them into a video wedding for you to watch over and over again. Watching your wedding videos is like watching a love story – there’s laughter and tears at every scene.

A professional wedding videographer can create a video wedding meticulously fashioned as to provide a good drama. Filming is not the easiest of all tasks, most especially when filming a wedding. There are people running to and fro; the guests are apprehensive; the organizers are in frantic tension, a good wedding videographer can go through all of these while at the same time capturing the perfect video wedding. Weddings are very capricious and unpredictable, but a wedding videographer is ready for just about anything that happens.

Being united with someone is a very significant occasion. Allow Jiva Workshop to immortalize this precious event on tape and turn it into a video wedding so you can watch it with your friends and family. Allow the memory of your wedding to last just as long as you and your partner are wed forever