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A Wedding Photographer’s take on Same Sex Marriage

I am a cameraman and photographer and have been for the past 17 years.
and this is why i think Same sex marriage is a great idea.

I have shot everything from films, TV Shows and commercials, yet it has been over the last 6 years that i have been mostly involved with shooting weddings.

I love shooting and editing weddings, they are often quite harder than shooting other formats but the reward is so much greater.

From the moment that i arrive when the groom is feeling nervous and constantly reminding the best man not to forget the rings to the bride getting her hair and makeup done preparing in her head when the groom firsts see’s her walking down the aisle and they say their vowels.

Same Sex Marriage

Same Sex Marriage

It is a day of joy, a day of emotion and a day of love, everyone is there to celebrate the couple coming together and you can feel the excitement in the air until the celebrant, by law has to say this one line. `”A marriage is voluntarily entered-into union of a man and a woman to exclusion of all others.”

And immediately you can see and feel the levels drop quite a few decibels in that brief moment until the celebrant moves on to the next line.

However, that line was not always there – it wasn’t until John Howard took it upon himself to change the marriage act to redefine marriage as between a man and a woman.

No Doubt, there are some that agree with that statement and i respect your opinion, but i have heard all the arguments and i simply don’t agree.


First and foremost, allowing same sex marriage will dramatically have an impact on my business. As a wedding cinematographer and photographer. It has been estimated that 650 million dollars will be injected into the economy each year just from same sex marriages alone. That’s allot of dollars that I would be silly to ignore.

The term traditional marriage is problematic – marriage has been around as long as civilisation and traditionally marriage was not entered into entirely voluntarily. Traditionally marriage was used for political and business purposes. or to keep the wealth within a family structure, you even had brothers and sisters marrying so the wealth of the family stayed within the family.

Luckily over time, the idea of traditional marriage has changed and people marry voluntarily for Love and not reasons of wealth or geopolitical reasons.

And love is the reason why i love what i do. I don’t care if they are heterosexual or not. Capturing two people coming together in love gives me joy in what i do that i have not found in other mediums.

Essentially, same sex marriage is a civil rights issue, why should i or anyone prevent two people coming together and expressing their love for each other. It is only a small proportion of people who are expressly excluded from this and in no way shape or form does it affect anyone else.

I won’t go into the “NO” arguments except to say pretty much all of them that i have seen and heard have absolutely nothing to do with same sex marriage.

The only thing that will change is that one line that is repeated throughout the country whenever two people come together to express their love for each other.

And if Jesus was around I think he would rather include people in the party than exclude them.

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