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Who should you invite to your wedding?

When it comes to planning a wedding, one of the first things you should do is a make a list of all the people who you might invite.

Undoubtedly, other people will want to weight in one who gets to come. However, when choosing people to invite it is essentially a process of elimination.

The most efficient way is to create a list of everyone, by everyone i don’t mean everyone that your friends with on Facebook.

But everyone who you think you and your spouse would like to invite if budget and room were of no consideration.

Then i would show the parents.

Now, i know this is essentially your wedding and your day. But the parents in most cases will want to have a say on who gets to come.

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This doesn’t mean that the people they include, will finally get an invite. However, in a lot of cases the parents are at least helping to fund the wedding. Allowing them to have input or at least the illusion of input, early on can prevent arguments when it comes down to culling that list down.

The first on your list that you will have to invite is family. This includes parents, siblings, and grandparents. When it comes to extended family, there is no obligation really to invite them.

Start by asking the question, do you even know them. If you haven’t had contact with them for years, that’s a clear sign that they could end up on the cull list.

When it comes to coworkers, you only need to invite the people that you are essentially friends with. There is no need to invite the entire office because of some sense of obligation.

If you spend time with them outside of work then that would be worthy of consideration. Then there is the question of inviting kids. Having children at your wedding is i think a personal choice. Having bouncy castles to entertain the kids at weddings is now becoming a trend.

But you also have to weight up what sort of affair do you want to have. If having kids running around during the reception is not going to do it for you. Then it’s perfectly ok to have an age limit on the event.

Just keep in mind that some couples you invite might have really young or newborn babies.

In cases like these it would be hard for them to be separated for the night – so allowances might be made.

Then there is the issue of plus ones.

Having plus ones for single friends is the easiest way to blow out your guest list. Similar questions apply, have you met them? is your friend committed to them? And if at all your friend will not know anybody else that will be there, only then is it worth consideration.

If some of these become a sticking point and you need to keep numbers down for the reception. You could always invite them to the ceremony, and not to the reception.

Explain, that you would love for them to be apart of the day if they chose to come, however you need to keep the numbers down for the reception.

More often than not, they should understand.

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